Sun Valley Physiotherapy

Muscular Skeletal Injuries


Can include neck pain, headaches and whiplash. Back pain or stiffness. Muscle pain and tightness. Joint pain and stiffness.



Pre/ Post Operative Rehabililation


A pre-operative rehabilitation program  aims to strengthen a patient prior to a scheduled surgery. This aims to improve your recovery times.  Post operative rehabilitation is essential to regain strength and prevent symptoms and secondary conditions.

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Sport Injuries


The aim of this type of rehabilitation can be to prevent or recover from any sport related injury. 


Treating the cause, not symptoms




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Meghan Olckers

Bsc, Msc Physiotherapy (UCT,UWC)

Conditions Treated

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Chest Physiotherapy


This type of Physiotherapy is very effective for the treatment of various chest conditions such as pneumonia or cystic fibrosis. Chronic chest conditions such as emphysema.


Pre and Post Natal Conditions


During pregnancy postural and hormonal changes can lead to joint pain especially in the lower back. There are safe physiotherapy techniques to help address these problems. Post natal back and neck pain can also be prevelant and managed.