Sun Valley Physiotherapy

About us

Manual Therapy


Includes joint mobilisation, soft tissue muscle release & sports massage.

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Dry Needling

Very effective form of treatment utlising accupuncture needles. This is beneficial for treating muscle spasm, pain & promoting healing.


Exercise Rehabilitation

Individualised rehabilitation program to suit your individual needs. Including re-education of movement and prioception (perception of your joints in space)

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Addresses pain and injuries arising from the working environment, such as long periods of sitting at a desk. Assessing the work environment and making corrections. Hands on management and exercises might be necessary.

Chest Physiotherapy


Various techniques can assist in clearing your chest and restoring lung function. Nebulisation, manual chest techniques, breathing exercises and suction might be indicated.



Helps promote healing, decreases joint irritation, decreases pain and swelling. Can help to re-educate muscles and enhance performance.

Sun Valley Physiotherapy is a home based practice run by the owner,  Meghan Olckers who graduated BSC Physiotherapy from UCT in 2011. She continued working as a physiotherapist and developed a love for rehabilitating sports and muscular skeletal conditions. In 2018 she graduated with a Masters degree from UWC and has also completed various courses in taping and dry needling. At this practice the approach is patient centered where the treatment aims is to identify and treat the cause of the injury and not to just treat the symptoms arising from it. The rehabilitation and techniques used are tailormade to suit your unique and individual needs. 

Treatment Modalities



This form of therapy can assist in reducing pain and assisting the healing process.